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Restaurant & Bar

Est. 2019

Progressive Southeast Asian Cuisine

Gem Dining, in Orange County’s Fountain Valley, is a Progressive Southeast Asian restaurant by Chef Viet Nguyen.

Our Menu

Our menu is a collection of unique, cross-cultural flavors intended to thrill every guest’s palate, pairing locally-sourced ingredients with pan-Asian cooking techniques.


Enjoy different versions of raw dishes like ceviche or carpaccio, or try our small plates featuring seasonal produce in cold and hot preparations. Our signature pasta dishes and entrees are as chef-driven as they come, taking flavors and ingredients from across Asia and adding a modern touch to them without compromising their rich histories.


Our Story

Gem Dining is aptly named to reflect a dining experience that's as unique and special as a rare gem. Situated in an unassuming storefront within a dimly lit plaza that's easy to overlook— but once you get inside, you'll know what it means to uncover a hidden gem.

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